Furious mom gets national attention suing DMV over son’s picture

Let’s face it, it takes than makeup to get a DMV picture to lo good, but you can’t blame agirlguy for trying. Actually, you can if […]

Joan Rivers, legendary comic of the politically incorrect, dies at 81

Joan Rivers, the brassy comedian whose unvarnished style and politically incorrect brand of humor stood out in a lefty entertainment world died Thursday in a New York […]

Obama’s minimum wage fervor sparks civil disobedience with a side of ‘reality check’

A nationwide strike of fast food workers began Thursday. Hundreds of arrests and public disturbances became part of an orchestrated campaign sponsored by the Service Employees International […]

ralph peters
Fox News contributor mocks Biden’s ‘gates of hell’ remark; US military not amused

President Barack Obama may be dumbfounded over how to deal withIslamic State militants, but Vice President Joe Biden has no such hesitancy, telling a New Hampshire audience […]

Federal judge rules marriage needs no ‘redefinition’ according to US Constitution

A federal judge has bucked the current trend and ruled that states have the right to define “marriage” for themselves. Judge Martin L. C. Feldman upheld the […]

State Dept. Marie Harf’s probably sorry she picked a Twitter fight with Fox News

These people are supposed to be in charge of diplomacy? At a time when Islamic terrorists are running roughshod over a part of the world Americans once […]

gun artwork
Hideous, giant sculpture made from ‘illegal’ guns unveiled and properly mocked

If an ugly sculpture is unveiled and no one is there to see it, is it still ugly? Connecticut Gov.Dannel Malloy attended the unveiling of a sculpture […]

Shocking photos of infant with grenades, Jihadi children will send chills up your spine

While American liberals worry about things like pop tarts chewed into toy gun shapes in schools, America’s Islamist enemies pictures of infants gurgling happily among assault […]

Question for Holder: 40 FBI agents on Ferguson, how many on ISIS recruitment in Minneapolis?

On Tuesday night’s program, Fox News host Megyn Kelly focused on the “striking” number of Americans out of the Minneapolis area going to fight alongside Islamic State […]

Mr. spineless Obama, here’s what happens when ISIS threatens Russia

The leader of Chechnya, and ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin,responded to an Islamic State threat against his country on Wednesday by saying “these bastards will be […]

Wasserman Schultz crosses line in big way; compares Republican governor to wife beater

The chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee trivialized the plight of domestic violence victims Wednesday by comparing Republican right-to-work policies with wife-beating. Speaking of Wisconsin Gov. Scott […]

Joe Garcia
Florida Five: Feds go deeper into shadow candidate scheme, Obamacare enrollment plummets in Fla

Five of today’s top Florida political stories at your fingertips: Feds intensify investigation on Rep. Joe Garcia’s former campaign manager:Federal prosecutors are intensifying their criminal investigation of […]