Cowboys pick up openly gay Michael Sam; controversy ignites again

The most famous seventh-round draft pick in the NFL is getting a second chance.

Michael Sam, who made national headlines – and sparked endless hours of television coverage – when he became the first openly gay football player to be drafted by the NFL in the spring, has been picked up by the Dallas Cowboys, according to ESPN.

And while his signing became a cause celebre among gay rights activists nationally (as well as liberals and progressives and the usual type in general) his next stop will be far from glamorous.

Sam, an SEC Defensive Player of the Year at the University of Missourri, has signed with the Cowboys practice squad, the lowest rung of NFL play with a salary of $6,300 a week.

That didn’t stop the news from once again igniting a debate over gay rights, media priorities and whether political correctness was taking over one of the country’s most hallowed institutions – the National Football League.

In a post headlined “Dallas Cowboys Sign Michael Sam, Save NFL From Stupidity,” writes:

The whole thing was starting to stink. Michael Sam, after performing well during the preseason, really wasn’t good enough to earn a spot on any NFL roster? Not even as a practice player?

Some suspected a conspiracy.

Cowboy haters — and they are legion — had a different take.

Others blamed the liberals in the production studios.

One football fan summed it up perfectly.


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