Underdog finally wins: Police chiefs suspended for unlawful speed traps

A small Florida town known as a speed trap is at the center of a scandal after allegations that its officers improperly target motorists to generate revenue. […]

Big-hearted Texas firefighters move strangers to tears after selfless act of kindness goes viral

The family of a Texas man with a bad heart learned just how good-hearted emergency responders can be. John McCormick of Baytown, Texas, was doing mowing the […]

Obamacare enrollment plummeting: GOP lawmakers demand real numbers

Obamacare might be turning into a liberal’s worst nightmare. Florida, once a hotbed for signups on the health insurance exchange, is letting the president down. The U.S. […]

Common Core friendly Apple apps: ‘Was George Washington any different from Palestinian terrorists?’

An Apple brochure promoting its new teaching apps for the iPad also perpetuates the left’s croed view of American history. The apps, which include Common Core material, […]

Cowboys pick up openly gay Michael Sam; controversy ignites again

The most famous seventh-round draft pick in the NFL is getting a second chance. Michael Sam, who made national heads – and sparked endless hours of television […]

Slain ISIS terrorist worked for DELTA Airlines in US airport!

A former CIA operative warned a CNN interviewer Tuesday afternoon that Islamic terrorists are actively operating on United States soil. A Fox station’s report Tuesday evening from […]

Sponge Bob, Mickey Mouse caught in insanely funny road rage attack
Sponge Bob, Mickey Mouse caught in insanely funny road rage attack

Road rage usually isn’t funny, but this video had me laughing out loud. The funniest pickup ever heard in a courtroom

Facepalm Girl
PR disaster: ‘Headless Day’ promo launches same day American journalist is beheaded

Talk about a PR disaster, it couldn’t get worse than this! On the same dayword began to filter out that barbarianIslamic State of Iraq and Syria militants […]

Phil Robertson: I’d rather have a Bible study with ISIS; ‘convert them or kill them’

“Duck Dynasty” superstar Phil Robertson called the Islamic State terrorists the kind of evil the Bible warns about, saying America has to “convert them or kill them.” […]

us troops
Obama authorizes 350 more ‘non-combat’ troops to Baghdad: ‘What are they then, decoys?’

The president who has boasted than once that he “was elected to end wars, not start them,” is sending an addition 350 military personnel to Iraq. […]

Eleven commercial jetliners in hands of Islamic militants; officials fear 9/11 attack: ‘I’m officially scared’

With the anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001,a little than a week away, U.S. officials indicate that eleven commercial jetrs have fallen into the hands of Islamic […]

On behalf of America, Obama vows vengeance for second beheading: ‘Justice will be served’

After almost a day since the news bre, President Obama issued a statement early Wednesday warning Islamic terrorists that “justice will be served” for the beheading of […]