‘If I were busting my butt . . . ‘: Obama fantasizes about actually working

 With a world roiling in crises too numerous to mention, President Barack Obama demonstrated his matchless penchant for leadership by ignoring them all, and focusing instead on his deft handling of the economy before a crowd in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Labor Day.

“The engines are revving a little louder,” he said, referring to America’s business health, where the unemployment rate has dropped but where wages have remained stagnant.

To an audience primarily of union supporters he said, “If I were busting my butt in the service industry and wanted an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work, I’d join a union,” USA Today reported.

He’ll continue to badger Congress for an increase in the minimum hourly wage, the way he cajoled Michelle into marrying him, Obama said. He wouldn’t take no for an answer and “just wore her down.”

“America deserves a raise,” he insisted, but with union membership continuing to dwindle and corporations moving headquarters outside the U.S., all is not sunny in Obamaland.

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Richard Berkow

Former political news reporter Richard Berkow lost his idealism in the Kennedy years, and his innocence in Vietnam, Lebanon, and the Soviet Union. He hasn’t mellowed since, and can be harassed at [email protected]


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