FBI nabs Texas Democrats accused of using cocaine to buy votes

The FBI is accusing Texas Democrats of using cocaine to buy votes and it’s all coming out in court.

Political chicanery and vote-buying in Texas are as old as the state itself, and the latest episode to come to light features purchasing votes with cocaine, marijuana, money, cigarettes and beer, an on-going FBI investigationhas uncovered.

Two political operatives of a Hidalgo County Commissioner’s campaign manager were charged on Thursday with vote-buying before U.S. Magistrate Judge Peter Ormsby, The Monitor reported.

The arrests are the latest twist in an 18-month investigation focusing on the 2012 primary election for County Commissioner. The name of the campaign manager and his chief were not disclosed, however, only two candidates ran in that race, A.C. Cuellar Jr., and Democrat Joel Quintanilla. Both have denied even having campaign managers.

Veronica Saldivar and Belinda Solis, known as politiqueras, paid campaign workers, were each given $25 worth of cocaine, the campaign manager admitted, and told to buy votes with them. Their bond was set at $10,000 and if convicted, each could face five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

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In the 2012 general election, the campaign manager confessed that he gave Solis $40 in cash and $20 worth of cocaine to entice voters for school board candidates, according to The Monitor.

She told agents that she paid three voters $10 each for their votes in 2012, $5 to her ex-husband, and gave another individual a “dime bag” of cocaine for his vote.

So far, no elected officials have been arrested, but three other politiqueras were nabbed by FBI agents in December, for exchanging money, food and cigarettes for votes. Additionally, former School Board President Alfredo Lugo, who seemingly felt implicated by these three arrests, hanged himself on New Year’s Day, but no specific reason was cited for his suicide.


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140 thoughts on “FBI nabs Texas Democrats accused of using cocaine to buy votes

  1. Steve B says:

    This happens in every Democratic District for at least since the 2008 campaign and probably way before that.

  2. paraducks says:

    To even be associated with the democrat party is an admission that you have no morals. Sure there are punks on both sides but corruption is the norm and expected by the party of the “ends justify the means”. How many crooked creeps, caught in their acts, has the democrat party actually forced to step down ?

  3. ace says:

    How could you really buy a vote though? Because when you vote you pull the curtain so your in there yourself.

    1. TexasJester says:

      “Yeah, I’ll take your money to vote democrat!” Then close the proverbial curtain and vote republican…

  4. Tony Donaldson says:

    How do these bribers know that their gifts are getting the vote they want? These people could just as well vote the other way and not say anything. It’s a gamble only a rat would take. I don’t call them democrats any longer. They’re just rats now. Act like rats, breed like rats, steal like rats, eat like rats. Their pie eyed piper lives in the white house.

  5. Cade Yaeger says:

    Liberalism is hostile foreign ideology.

  6. art says:

    what’s the big story that’s how barry got in ACORN

  7. Derp says:

    Stupid ass conservatives…this was a SCHOOL BOARD ELECTION. And just how many votes do you think $20 buys?

    You idiots are as stupid as they come. Go drink some more tea and find something legitimate to cry about like the Republicans trying to rig the voting in every state in the nation.

    Strange how the only people ever convicted of voter fraud just happened to be CONSERVATIVES, ain’t it.

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