Response to Piers Morgan’s parting threat to NRA: ‘Bring it’ tough guy!

Piers Morgan reminded the world ina flurry of posts on today that he and CNN are officially over — for anyone living under a rock. BREAKING […]

Fed up! Useless Jen Psaki won’t ‘label’ beheading an ‘act of war’

State Department speswoman Jen Psakiheld a press conference Tuesday just after the news bre of a video showing the chilling beheading of a second American journalist, Steven […]

Mike Dickinson
‘Use Ebola to infect the NRA and its various members’: Dem Party silent over former candidate’s tweets

A Virginia Democrat who called National Rifle Association members ‘low IQ’ and ‘pure trash’ in April is at it again. Mike Dickinson claimed to be a candidate […]

The funniest pick-up line ever heard in a courtroom
The funniest pickup line ever heard in a courtroom

This guy was arrested for selling pot to a female undercover officer. During the transaction, he tried to pick her up. His pickup was read aloud […]

ISIS savages purportedly behead second American journalist; ‘pure evil gone mad!’

The terrorist group known as ISISbeheaded a second American journalist and broadcast the murderer in an Internet video Tuesday. The video was titled “A Second Message to […]

Cal. Fish & Wildlife officer fired for supporting Ted Nugent

A veteran patrol officer with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife lost his job because he wrote a letter of support for hunting and gun-rights activist […]

FBI nabs Texas Democrats accused of using cocaine to buy votes

The FBI is accusing Texas Democrats of using cocaine to buy votes and it’s all coming out in court. Political chicanery and vote-buying in Texas are as […]

Report: Obama given detailed intelligence for a year about ISIS – he’s not reading?

The president who pretends he learns everything from news reports has been getting daily briefings on the rise of the terror group known as ISIS for at […]

Feds still studying why lesbians are obese; how much of your money have they spent?

BY:Elizabeth Harrington The federal government is still seeking answers as to why the majority of lesbians are obese and U.S. taxpayers are footing the bill, which now […]

‘If I were busting my butt . . . ‘: Obama fantasizes about actually working

With a world roiling in crises too numerous to mention, President Barack Obama demonstrated his matchless penchant for leadership by ignoring them all, and focusing instead on […]

Resign now! Parents of slain Navy SEAL annihilate ‘cowardly’ Obama: ‘You, Sir, are the JV team’

The parents of a Navy SEAL killed in when his chopper was shot down over Afghanistan in 2011 have issued an open letter to President Obama with […]

Obama labor day
Obama plugs new ‘immigration rights’ in Labor Day speech

President Obama slipped in some new language as he hectored the massesin Milwaukee on Labor Day Monday. In his Republican-bashing speech, “immigration rights” have been added to […]