This license plate, paired with Obama sticker, speaks volumes about the progressive left

The entitlement mindset that flourishes under President Barack Obama, is clearly displayed on the back of this car.

Who can blame this motorist for wanting to live a life of recreation instead of work – just like the commander in chief they voted in to office?  The snapshot was found on Young Conservatives and has made the rounds around social media.


The “H8 WRKN” license plate paired with an Obama 2012 bumper sticker speaks volumes of the welfare-era America seems to be stuck in.

Why wouldn’t someone chose welfare over work? It often pays better than entry-level or part-time jobs, which are about the only employment available in Obama’s economy.

Since Obama first occupied the White House welfare rolls have grown, as more people seek public assistance during his “economic recovery.” Add to that the president’s plan to massively expand welfare rolls by permanently removing the work requirements, and you can expect to see more progressive proclamations like this during your commute to and from work.

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Amanda Shea


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