Rick Perry takes the high road; deletes ‘unauthorized’ tweet of ‘most drunk Democrat in Texas’

It wasn’t because it was unjustified, but Texas Governor Rick Perry took down an ugly tweet that came from his account Sunday, saying that it was unauthorized and he didn’t condone it.

Good for him if he wants to take the high road, but I won’t.

Rosemary Lehmberg, the DA who trumped up charges to take him down, deserved the label of  “Most drunk Democrat in Texas.”

Perry is fighting the charges that ultimately ended in his indictment, a result of political payback by Lehmberg after he tried to have her removed for drunk driving and disgusting behavior during her arrest.

In Perry’s Texas over the weekend, social media expert Dana Loesch advised conservatives to “demonstrate grace” with people on Twitter. My apologies to Loesch. It’s great advice, but it can’t possibly apply to this drunken DA.

Perry tweet

UPDATE, Monday:


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