Yikes! LA Times replaces word ‘illegal’ with ‘verbal gymnastics’ of Olympic proportions

If verbal gymnastics were an Olympic sport the LA Times would bring home the gold with their new replacement for the ultra-offensive word “illegal” with the term […]

This license plate, paired with Obama sticker, speaks volumes about the progressive left

The entitlement mindset that flourishes underPresident Barack Obama,isclearly displayed on the back of this car. Who can blame this motorist for wanting to live a life of […]

Chatter indicates attack on Southern border; ‘it’s coming very soon,’ source says

Fort Bliss, the American Army post across the border from the crime-ridden Mexican city of Juarez, is on high alert against a potential terrorist attack through the […]

Harry Reid’s alma mater dumps his name from building amid growing pressure

Harry Reid’s alma mater is disowning him – for $40,0000. The Nevada Democrat and Senate majority leader has made his name synonymous with the disastrous government, crony […]

Remembering Labor Day’s forgotten workers

Monday is Labor Day, and if your town is anything like mine, it will be celebrated with a parade of union members marching and driving their vehicles […]

Man refuses to stand for Pledge of Allegiance; forcibly removed from public meeting

A Florida mayor ordered his town’s police chief to escort a resident from a City Commission meeting last week because the man refused to stand for the […]

Video: Wild field brawl between HS football teams results in 3 arrests, 2 hospitalized, cancelled game

A high school football game in Ohio was stopped and cancelled Friday after a bench-clearing fight bre out, and it was all caught on video. The fight […]

UN panel of racists and savages censures US law enforcement following Ferguson – how rich!

This is that “international community” President Obama and his Democrat minions are always carping about. After images of riot police in Missouri were broadcast around the world, […]

Rick Perry takes the high road; deletes ‘unauthorized’ tweet of ‘most drunk Democrat in Texas’

It wasn’t because it was unjustified, but Texas Governor Rick Perry to down an ugly tweet that came from his account Sunday,saying that it was unauthorized and […]

Alec Baldwin
Video: Alec Baldwin’s angry outburst in Hamptons; cops require back-up to cool him down

Alec Baldwin is at it again – causing a disturbance Sunday during a walk in the Hamptons. A close friend of the Baldwins’ gave TMZ the scoop, […]

‘Pull Your Damn Pants Up’ challenge heated CNN debate; Marc Lamont Hill fesses up

The purpose behind social media’s newest “Pull Your Damn Pants Up” challenge sparked a heated debate amongst a CNN panel on Sunday. A video making the rounds […]