Dr. Ben Carson: US History curriculum so anti-American, students ‘ready to go sign up for ISIS’

Dr. Ben Carson said Monday that the current AP U.S. History curriculum is so anti-American that it will cause students “to go sign up for ISIS.” “I […]

Reporter ‘creeped out’; ordered by WH not to interview crowd at Michelle Obama event

A veteran reporter for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel got a surprise Monday while covering a Michelle Obama public appearance when Democrat flunkies tried to keep her from […]

Watters’ World ACLU edition: ‘You don’t want these people running things’

If the far left has seemed quiet lately, it may be because some of the members furthest on the fringe were busy talking among themselves during a […]

Gowdy backs Secret Service director into a corner as only he can

South Carolina Republican Trey Gowdy turned his prosecutor’s instincts loose Tuesday as he ripped into the director of the Secret Service for her agency’s bungling of a […]

Duck Dynasty’s Sadie charms DWS judges with high-flying dance routine

Sadie Robertson and Mark Ballas impressed the judges and the crowd with a Viennese Waltz to music from “Up” during Monday’s movie night on “Dancing With the […]

American flag hijab makes guy go off on Muslim women in front of Plaza Hotel

Disgusted at the sight of an American flag-themed head covering, an outraged man made a scene in front the Plaza Hotel in New York City where a […]

His parting shot: Holder plans ‘most risky and damaging’ thing yet for national security

With the country at war with a group explicitly inving religion as its reason for fighting, Eric Holder’s Justice Department is getting ready to announce a policy […]

Busy waiter
Couple pays it forward, story of big tip for terrible service goes viral

An Iowa couple who had horrible service at a restaurant on their anniversarydecided that instead of complaining, “paying it forward” was the best thing they could do. […]

Hannity and Imam
Hannity faces radical Muslim cleric again in first post-jail interview

Fox News’ Sean Hannity went another round with radical Muslim Imam Anjem Choudary debating the Islamic State and the killing of innocent people. This was Choudary’s first […]

Webcam girl will donate sex video proceeds to Ferguson protesters

Even depraved young attention hounds (politely put) have the desire to serve their communities. Webcam porn star Sasha Pain is terribly concerned about the problems plaguing our […]

New details reveal WH breach worse than reported; disabled alarm, ‘catastrophic failure’

The man who leaped the fence around the White House on Sept. 19 got much farther into the residence itself than the Secret Service first reported. Watch […]

Uproar: NFL fans claim Muslim player was penalized for Islamic prayer after TD

More negative attention descended upon the National Football League Monday night when Kansas City Chiefs’ safety Husain Abdullah was penalized for sliding across the field and praying […]

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