Michelle Obama’s ‘Let’s Move!’ blamed for bake sale blues

Michelle Obama’s trademark child-nutrition activism is taking a bite out of school fundraising efforts. Photo Credit:  fimrc.sa.utoronto.ca Bake sales are in the crosshairs, according to an article […]

‘Shock the conscience’: Unsanitary abortion clinic slapped with $25,000 in health department fines

The Ohio Health Department has slapped a $25,000 fine on a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic near Cleveland after an inspection showed numerous violations, including not checking the […]

Twitter buzzes with brainstorms over ‘The Five’ Beckel’s cryptic apology

The Twitter-verse  is abuzz over Bob Beckel. The corpulent, combative in-house liberal on Fox News’ “The Five” posted a cryptic apology on Twitter Saturday, acknowledging that some […]

‘My Parents Open Carry’ – a 2nd Amendment lesson for kids – has liberal heads exploding

A children’s book published by the co-founders of Michigan Open Carry portraying a family day out while the parents sport holstered handguns has liberal tongues wagging all […]

Too low even for libs: Cartoon links Trayvon Martin, Obama impeachment

Hard line conservatives were the first to mention the “I” word  — impeachment — in response to President Obama‘s ongoing pattern of circumventing Congress to enact desired […]

Putin with leopard
Kremlin resorts to Twitter bomb to poke fun at Obama, but they’re still dirt bags

The Cold War has moved to social media, as a Russian official dropped a Twitter bomb Friday challenging President Obama’s masculinity. Russia’s deputy prime minister Dmitry Rogozin […]

Jon Voight schools Penelope Cruz, Israel critics: ‘Hang your heads in shame’

Actor Jon Voight called actress Penelope Cruz and other lefties to the carpet Saturday for describing Israel’s actions in Gaza as “genocide.” Photo Credit:  Breitbart.com In a […]

Pistol-packing owner gets ride of a lifetime when camper is stolen — with him inside!

A Texas man got the ride of a lifetime when thieves stole his camper while he was sleeping inside. Unfortunately for the bandits, 75-year-old James Brown was […]

Right outta ‘Rocky’: Heavyweight champs clash in high pasta drama

High drama unfolded at a Miami eatery Friday when two prize fighters got into an altercation worthy of a scene from “Rocky.” And perhaps it was just […]

Alfredo Garcia
$1.2 million later, serial suing illegal immigrant finally deported — for now, anyway

With the border crisis deteriorating more every day, an illegal immigrant’s recent deportation underscores how the U.S. government is failing to enforce immigration laws. Alfredo Garcia, high […]

Judge Jeanine slams hypocritical Obama: ‘Whose side are you really on?’

President Obama slammed Congress for rushing through the final day before breaking for its August recess on Friday, but Judge Jeanine Pirro slammed right back Saturday. “The […]

Joe Biden WHCD
Mad money: Joe Biden’s personal ‘taxi service’ costs taxpayers more than $1 million

Vice President Joe Biden has spent more than $1 million flying at taxpayer expense between his home in Delaware and his office in Washington, according to excerpts […]