Running from Nancy Pelosi: Dems for Congress keep their distance from unpopular ex-speaker

The only place Nancy Pelosi’s actually going to be on the ballot in November is in her own safely blue San Francisco congressional district, but that doesn’t mean her name isn’t coming up in the rest of the country.

And not in ways the California lib would like.

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In once-staunchly Democrat West Virginia, for instance, two Democrats running for Congress are making it clear they have no time for Pelosi.

At a Mountain State chamber of commerce meeting on Friday, West Virginia Auditor Glen Gainer – running in the state’s First District – and Nick Casey – running in the Second – were asked whom they would back for House speaker if they were elected.

“I cannot and will not support Nancy Pelosi,” Casey said, according to the Charleston Daily Mail.

Gainer said distrust for Pelosi was one of the few things he and his Republican opponent had in common.

“I wouldn’t vote for Nancy Pelosi either,” he said.

West Virginia should be Democrat country but the Obama White House’s war on coal, its contempt for gun owners and the progressive politics of Obamacare have taken their toll. And it’s not just West Virginia. In July, the Daily Caller reported a national poll that shows only 31 percent of Americans viewed Pelosi favorably, while almost half — 48 percent — had an unfavorable view.

Of course, with Republicans in firm hold of the House, Pelosi doesn’t have a chance of being elected House speaker again after November’s elections, and God willing will never hold the speaker’s gavel again in this lifetime.

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It was bad enough that Pelosi was elected speaker in 2006, the last years of the Bush administration, but the two years she spent as speaker from 2008 to 2010 while fellow fascist Harry Reid was Senate president, were disastrous.

The fact that her name evokes such distaste from candidates speaks volumes about how unpopular “progressive” policies have become — even in places they should be popular.

“If they say that they support Nancy Pelosi for speaker of the House, they are sealing their electoral doom before a single ballot is cast,” a National Republican Congressional Committee representative told The Daily Caller.


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