Libs go stupid as NFL’s Rams cut openly gay Michael Sam

Marcus Qwertyus/Wikimedia Commons

This was inevitable.

Rookie Michael Sam, heralded as the first openly gay player in the National Football League, was released Saturday by the St. Louis Rams, prompting the liberal blog Mother Jones to run what amounted to a photo of the player, along with a provocative, almost juvenile headline.

The post, “Michael Sam, Who Is Better At Football Than You Will Ever Be At Anything, Has Been Cut By the Rams,” offered no perspective whatsoever. In fact, other than the headline, there were no words.

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Islam, but there’s just one problem . . .

When Sam was first drafted, it was clear that if he were to eventually be cut, St. Louis would face unfair scrutiny, never mind that the annals of pro football are full of college all stars who failed to catch on in the NFL.

Or that the odds were against Sam from the beginning — gay or not.

It turns out that St. Louis was already deep at the position Sam plays, with two of the best defensive lineman in the NFL already on the squad, and Sam was outplayed by a fellow rookie, an undrafted free agent out of West Texas A&M who led the team in solo tackles in the preseason, according to Fox Sports.

Nevertheless, social media was atwitter about Sam’s release by the Rams and Mother Jones’ proselytizing, as these Twitter users attest:

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