Teacher receives slap on the wrist for hate-filled, racist tweets about students

Some California parents are outraged by the light punishment a high school teacher received after tweeting in explicit and violent detail her disdain for her students.

Newark Memorial High School teacher Krista Hodges vented what the San Jose Mercury News described as hate-filled and racist thoughts in a June 23 tweet about her students, saying she wanted to stab and pour coffee on some of them, while others made her “trigger finger itchy.”


A fellow teacher turned her into school officials, who gave Hodges a written reprimand. She was able to keep her job, though.

Hodges, who described herself as “one of the most liked teachers on campus,” admitted to the Mercury News that she acted unprofessionally, saying she “deeply regrets” the messages. She has since stopped using social media and canceled her Twitter account.

Tim Erwin, interim superintendent of Newark Unified School District, confirmed Hodges received a written reprimand, adding only that he consulted California education law, school board policy and the teacher’s union contract in deciding on how to discipline her.

Watch the report here via Mercury News:

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Amanda Shea


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