Scam alert! Don’t answer a call from this number

ScamCallFake IRS agents are making intimidating calls to Americans, trying to scam them into paying sham tax liens.

The real Internal Revenue Service has cautioned citizens about the scheme, where pseudo agents with heavy foreign accents claim they owe the IRS money, then threaten to arrest them if they don’t pay up, Fox2Now reported.

The calls have reportedly come from the phone number, 202-609-7070, with scammers reciting real-sounding IRS badge numbers and knowledge of the last four digits of victims’ Social Security numbers, according to Fox2Now.

After threatening jail time or driver’s license revocation for noncompliance, the thugs then place immediate follow-up calls, identifying themselves as representatives from the local police department or the state motor vehicle office if the targeted victim tries to hang up.

The Internal Revenue Service estimated that 1,000 people have been bilked of about $5 million so far, Fox2Now reported.

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Amanda Shea


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