‘Let’s Move’ be damned: Marine mascot promoted despite obesity

A Marine Corps mascot was promoted to corporal, even though he has a bad habit: He likes to snack.

Chesty XIV weighs in at a beefy 63.5 pounds, and he could get bigger, his handler, Sgt. Katie Maynard, told The Wall Street Journal.

The breed typically grows to about 50 pounds, according to the American Kennel Club.

With rumors circulating in the nation’s capital that Chesty is getting fat, Gen. James Amos told the crowd at the dog’s induction ceremony that Chesty had “grown into the job in more ways than one,” the Journal reported.

Overweight mascots have been a concern in the past. Chesty XIV replaced his predecessor, Sgt. Chesty XIII, in 2013, mainly because the dog had become too fat.

“Overeating and poor diet have been blamed for the early retirements of a string of previous mascots,” The Journal reported.

Just wait until the First Lady finds out. Chesty had better like celery.

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