Donald Trump takes the Ice Bucket Challenge – yes, his hair is real!

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge may be wearing thin, but who doesn’t want to see billionaire Donald Trump’s golden manicured coif soaking wet?

Trump set out to prove that his hair is real in the video featuring Miss USA Nia Sanchez and Miss Universe Gabriel Isler pouring the water – Trump bottled water, of course – over his head.

The real estate mogul was seated on the roof of  his namesake Trump Building on Fifth Avenue in Midtown Manhattan wearing a suit for the occasion.

Throwing around names as “The Donald” often does, he mentioned those who challenged him, including former boxer Mike Tyson, Homer Simpson and WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

“Everybody’s going crazy over this thing,” he said. “I guess they want to see if it’s my real hair – which it is.”

When it was over, Trump slicked back his hair announcing that it was real and issued his challenge to President Obama and the two Trump sons.

Watch the “real hair” get wet here:

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