‘Sexy’ church billboard turning heads with controversial message

A billboard put up on Wednesday already has heads turning and controversy stirring over its message that God loves sex.

Restored Church, a non-denominational church in Wilkes-Barre, Penn., put the billboard up to attract new visitors, but some say the church has gone too far, according to local TV station WNEP.

“It’s in every single sitcom. It’s on the radio. I mean, you go on any major news media outlet and there’s stories about sexuality,” Pastor Dan Nichols said. “If the culture can be so bold, I think the church can be so bold and speak directly on the subject and be up front about it.”

Some disagree with his perspective, including the pastor of Church on the Square, who wrote a letter to the local newspaper saying the billboard is “misleading at best, and a gross misstatement at worst,” WNEP reported.

The young church has been meeting for just one year and it hopes to expand its congregation. Their focus over the next month will be to discuss healthy marriage and “taking the shame out of sex.”

“It really doesn’t rattle us when we get negative feedback,” Restored Church Pastor Tim Walker told WNEP. “We really put a lot of thought into this.”

Watch the report here via WNEP:



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