O.J. Simpson wants to convert to Islam, but there’s just one problem . . .


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O.J. Simpson wants to convert to Islam — if he can get through the holy month of Ramadan.

Ramadan is the fourth of the five pillars of Islam, and requires Muslims to fast during the hours of daylight. And as any recent photo will attest, food is a big, big part of Simpson’s daily life.

According to the National Enquirer, a source said Simpson sometimes wears the traditional Kufi prayer cap and studies the Koran, but failed to fast during Ramadan.

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”He cheated during the day, and bought snacks from the prison canteen,” the source said. “But he’s really serious about converting to Islam. O.J. even made himself a prayer rug for his prison cell.”

Simpson is serving a 33 year sentence for robbery and kidnapping in a case involving sports memorabilia, and is not eligible for parole until late 2017.

The Enquirer reported that Simpson became interested in Islam through former world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson, who converted to Islam while serving time in prison for rape.

“He really likes the idea that upon converting to Islam, all of his previous sins are forgiven,” the source said. “O.J. has a lot to be forgiven for.”

Comedian Bill Maher jumped on the opportunity to show just how vile a human being he can be by posting a tweet saying Simpson “does have experience with beheading” — Nicole Brown Simpson was nearly decapitated when murdered in 1994.

Being the coward he is, Maher couched his comment just so:

More than a few Twitter users let Maher know what they thought of his effort:

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Tom Tillison

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262 thoughts on “O.J. Simpson wants to convert to Islam, but there’s just one problem . . .

  1. genann59 says:

    I though Maher’s tweet was funny and pertinent since OJ is wanting to convert to Islam. BTW, in case he is not aware, he just needs to repent and confess those sins to God and he would be forgiven as well, if he ever was a Christian, and if not, to only acknowledge Jesus is Lord, and confess the sins would do the trick as well. He would not even have to skip any of his meals.

  2. emiliani says:

    Maybe someone should remind the Juice that Jesus forgives sins … and he won’t have to miss out on his daily Twinkies either!!

    I suspect he won’t really consider Christianity because he totally shares Islam’s “reverence” for the womenfolk.

  3. Hoppyman50 says:

    Another Troll!

  4. Lance Brown says:

    And you believe in a pedophile.

  5. michael says:

    He’s afraid of being killed by them when the time comes.

  6. Harry Wookiee says:

    Oh poor Muslims. They walk around like they’re starving and they feast, yes feast, after sundown, through the night.
    The news never mentions that, do they?

  7. Obama IS-A-POS says:

    OJ is qualified to convert to Islam. He’s skilled in using knives to murder unarmed people. I’m sure the upgrade to a sword and Ak-47 won’t be a problem.

  8. Melissa BossyBoots Votano says:

    Been a while since he was in training camp. I’m sure he’ll enjoy Syria.

  9. working4change says:

    Sorry that Boy, just wants to be in the news.

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