New trend? Illegal immigrants storm the beaches of San Diego

While a far cry from the heroic images of D-Day etched in the minds of many Americans, witnesses were stunned to see a “horde” of illegal immigrants storm the beaches of San Diego this week.


A panga boat with at least 17 people on board landed on a San Diego beach Monday morning, according to CNS News, and the occupants jumped out and sprinted across the beach.

It would appear the invaders took Gov. Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown at his word when he told Mexican citizens, legal or not, “You’re all welcome in California!”

According to NBC7, seven of the occupants were apprehended a few blocks from the beach and authorities are still looking for at least ten more.

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But it seems those are acceptable odds because border patrol apprehended a second wave of invaders, twenty in all, less than 24 hours later off the coast of San Diego County, the local NBC affiliate reported.

Of the twenty, all were Mexican nationals except for two men from Guatemala and one man from El Salvador.

And while brazen acts of this nature make a mockery of our immigration laws, it’s fair to wonder if storming the shores of America is about to become the new trend for thousands seeking to get here anyway possible.

Tom Tillison


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