Tea party steps in to help riot-racked businesses rebuild in Ferguson — media ignores it

While liberals “leaders” were crowing for the cameras and pretending to pray, St. Louis conservatives were taking some positive steps toward actually helping the Ferguson community torn up by rioting.

Photo Credit: Hennessyview.com

Photo Credit: Hennessyview.com

The St. Luis Tea Party is organizing a “BUYcott” of businesses along the now-infamous Florissant Avenue where some of the worst looting took place.

It’s an idea that helps the people directly affected by the riots that followed the police shooting death of Michael Brown on Aug. 9, but it could also help change the media-generated image of the tea party nationally.

The national media, naturally, yawned, but the impact is real. And it’s still going on, with another event planned for this weekend.

St. Louis Tea Party leader Bill Hennessy described the first day of the “BUYcott” on the group’s Facebook page.

A gentlman (my age) in the salon (husband?) asked who we were with. I told him “St. Louis Tea Party.”

“Tea party?” he said. “You bad boys,” and chuckled. Then he looked at me, very serious. He said, “The tea party came up here to do this?”

“Oh, yeah,” I said. “we don’t want to see Ferguson go south.”

He laughed. And he looked at me. Then he was quiet, lost in thought for a minute. When he came out of it, he was like our best friend. Laughing, giving us crap about stuff, telling stories. He admitted baseball can be like “watching grass grow.”

In that moment of reflection, I’m sure he was trying to reconcile “tea party” with what he was seeing–four white people, ages 18 to 50, laughing, spending money, empathizing.

That moment made the whole event worthwhile.

In other shops, we’d get hard stares when we walked in and shopped. Once we told them “we’re with the tea party, and we’re here to shop,” these people actually shouted. “Thank you, thank you, thank you so much.” …

This wasn’t a big win in breadth, but it was monumental in depth.

To be needlessly fair to the media, the effort has gotten some positive local coverage, and there are no doubt no many, many groups – churches, fraternal organizations and the like – that are helping out Ferguson in ways we’ll never hear about.

But this is the St. Louis Tea Party, a branch of a national movement of everyday Americans that the mainstream media generally treats like the Second Coming of the Klan.  It’s a mostly white group working to help the mostly black businesses that were almost destroyed by mostly black rioters – and since that doesn’t fit any mainstream media narrative, most of America will never hear about it.

The “BUYcott” is continuing this weekend, according to the St. Louis Tea Party’s Facebook page.

Check out a KCTV report here.



Joe Saunders

Joe Saunders, a 25-year newspaper veteran, is a staff writer and editor for BizPac Review who lives in Tallahassee and covers capital and Florida politics. Email Joe at [email protected].


106 thoughts on “Tea party steps in to help riot-racked businesses rebuild in Ferguson — media ignores it

  1. Mary Brown says:

    Foot in the door and maybe a few changed attitudes about demorats as the party of choice.

  2. Doug says:

    I hope that’s not a Tea Partier who’s wearing those ridiculous pants.

    1. auntielib says:

      You’re referring to the dead black thug who stole the cigars and viciously attacked the policeman, I assume? The black thug who wore his pants so that his underpants showed? So fashionable and trendy among blacks these days, yes…

      1. Doug says:

        No. I mean the guy in the picture who looks like he’s carrying a load in the poop deck.

  3. nickaponzi1959 says:

    The ObamaMedia cannot report anything that shows Conservatives in a good light. The Libtards need to demonize. But they fail to demonize the crime committed by the Obummer supporters who vote multiple times, rape and kill in home invasions and sell drugs to minor children. Libtards suck!

  4. Greg Cobb says:

    Too to late “to be fair…”, fella, as you slammed liberals in your very first sentence. Had you left out the senseless, mean-spirited jab, this would have been a fine article. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar

    1. sfcmac says:

      Given the extreme bias and the selective reporting of the leftwing main stream media, the jab is well deserved.

    2. Jeff Bolton says:

      The “jab” was conservative compared to the liberals progressive attack on the Tea Party. (all puns intended)

  5. Peter LaMarck says:

    We must always be on guard against deceitful charlatans who are impelled by hatred for our Constitution and our Bill of Rights.

  6. TiminAL says:

    Bravo SLTP!

  7. Brian Robinson says:

    Well put!

  8. Melissa BossyBoots Votano says:

    The entire Obama admin is married to or shacking up with some one in the media. Why would they say anything nice about the Tea Party. Well done folks. If I lived there I would be shopping right along with you.

  9. lambda5555m says:

    Don’t do it. Let the people that caused the damage repair it. I now won’t support the Tea Party because I object to the money going back into that town where they can’t take care of what they have and act like a bunch of fools. They need to do things on their own. If they can tear it up, they can fix it, but many businesses will leave after the riots and they will have nothing. Serves them right!!!

  10. Jamel C. Warner says:

    Just another ploy to get media attention.

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