MSNBC’s Maddow mocks her own spineless Democrats for ‘wuss-itude’

Left-wing liberal Rachel Maddow pulled no punches describing Congressional Democrats afraid to vote on whether to authorize airstrikes on ISIS in Syria as “one of the biggest outbreaks of Democratic wuss-itude we’ve seen I think in the press in a long time.”

Interviewed on MSNBC’s Alex Wagner Show, the arch-progressive evening host mocked those anonymous Democratic officials who told The Hill they were reluctant to take a position for fear of voter backlash.

“Please let us keep complaining from the peanut gallery and throwing stuff,” she derided. “Please don’t make us be the decision-makers on this, which the Constitution says we ought to be.”

Maddow called their dread of being quoted as “obsene,” acknowledging that Americans may be war-weary and fearful of being baited into another Middle East confrontation, but they also are “violently disgusted” by ISIS’s barbaric behavior.

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“I don’t think anybody can say with clarity what the political consequences of a vote to authorize those airstrikes or not [would be], and at a human level, it’s a disgusting calculation to be making,” she said.

She called measuring the political fallout first and foremost “gross,” but to many, putting those calculations ahead of policy and principle is the Obama-way of doing things.

Watch the interview here via YouTube.

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