Megyn Kelly livid over Obama’s latest fundraising jaunt: ‘What’s he doing?’

During a live broadcast Wednesday night, Fox host Megyn Kelly learned that the president would by flying to Rhode Island on Friday to engage in Democratic fundraising, which raised her blood pressure to the boiling point.

Stifling herself momentarily as White House Correspondent Ed Henry made the dramatic announcement, she sarcastically referred to it with her next guest, Marc Thiessen, by saying, “Really? He’s gonna take a time out from all the work he’s been doing in the Vineyard to go do some fundraising while we consider whether we need to bomb Syria?”

But Kelly let her follow-up guest, Democratic strategist and former Harry Reid staffer Penny Lee, feel the brunt of her wrath.

“What’s he doing going to a Democratic fundraiser when we’re going to bomb Syria?” she asked. When Lee began to sputter that the White House travels with the president Kelly let loose, “Oh c’mon, stop,” inferring she did not want to hear that drivel.

Lee, smiled broadly, knew that she was in a pickle, and said that the optics weren’t great, but Kelly didn’t want to hear that bunkum either, and exhorted, “It’s the actual behavior! Get back and start governing!…What’s he doing?”

Lee paused before answering, and went on to try and put as good a spin on the narcissist-in-chief’s convoluted priorities as best she could.

Kelly responded that an issue of this gravity called for the present to forego fundraising and even work on Friday (!) to devise a comprehensive strategy to deal with ISIS.

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