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Battle amps up: Greg Gutfeld goes nuclear on ‘full-blown racist’ Russell Brand

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Greg Gutfeld blasted British firebrand Russell Brand on yesterday’s segment of “the Five.” Initially, Brand made a video calling Fox News Contributor Jason Riley a “convenient African American” for “betraying” his heritage, and Gutfeld responded. Brand came back by making a video mocking Gutfeld, so he also took the liberty to fire back a second time.

“Just bow down to authority and every possibility. Never confront injustice. Keep your mouth shut,” Brand jeered, adding that he was “outraged” by Riley’s sense of  “betrayal.”

Greg Gutfeld was outraged too.


“So rather than debate, Brand smears the man racially, deeming him not black enough to suit Brand’s stereotype,” Gutfeld said. “In Brand’s world, a black person must sound black, act black [and] live in a black area. Congrats Russell. That makes you a full-blown racist­– focused only on color, never on character. “

“Worse, Brand implies to young blacks that speaking eloquently is acting white– something that would earn mockery from celebrities like Brand,” Gutfeld continued. “You better keep acting black or famous people won’t like you. This smear that education makes you sound white destroys black lives. But Russell doesn’t care. He’s busy enforcing his own bigotry. Later, he compared Jason’s words to violence, but would Brand call out actual violence like his country’s various beheaders? Nope. That takes guts. What do you expect?”

This isn’t the first time that Brand has made videos making repugnant remarks. Earlier this summer, he made a video suggesting Fox News was more dangerous than ISIS.

“He’s a fashionable fascist, calling for an overthrow from a limo,” Gutfeld said.

Fox video via YouTube.

Hannah Bleau


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