White House allegedly removes video after conservative press highlights its embarrassing absurdity

The White House is facing media scrutiny after allegedly taking down a video of Press Secretary Josh Earnest’s comments on “politicizing issues.”

After the video showed up on Buzzfeed and Townhall, the White House apparently took it down.

“I think understandably people look at a lot of things that happen in this town through a political lens. That’s an understandable pursuit. That’s just not that we look at them,” Earnest said in Monday’s briefing.

If any entity in the Untied States would be guilty of looking at things through a political lens, it would be the White House. Despite that seemingly obvious point, Earnest pressed on,

“When the president’s out making these decision about which foreign leader to call, what sort of military actions to order up, balancing the pros and cons of a specific strategy or intervention,” Earnest said. “The president’s not worried about politics, he’s worried about the safety and security of the American people and that’s what he’s focused on.”

Every move Obama makes contains carefully crafted political implications. The Obama Administration politicizes absolutely everything– just listen to any one of Obama’s commencement addresses. Now, the media narrative has changed. Media outlets are pouncing on the president’s outright disengagement, but some prominent conservative figures think even this is a political move.

“And I still think, folks, and I know that I’m in a minority on this, but I still think that this checked out, appearing uninterested could well be — I will not say definitely — could well be a stratagem that is designed to make Obama look like he doesn’t care, like he’s not engaged, while every aspect of his agenda marches on,” radio host Rush Limbaugh said Monday. “We have to admit that’s happening, right?”

Luckily, not many people are buying it. Who knows, maybe they took the video down because they didn’t want to get reported to “Truthy” for spreading misinformation.

Hannah Bleau


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