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Watch as pro-gunners hilariously mock Huffpo reporter’s ‘rubber bullet’ blunder

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Last week, Huffington Post reporter, Ryan Reilly, tweeted out a picture of what he thought were rubber bullets.

He was clearly trying to sensationalize the Ferguson events and paint a stellar picture of the “militarization” of the police force. Two minutes after his shocking discovery, he realized they were earplugs and tried to backtrack.

Unfortunately for Reilly, the internet is a pretty permanent place. It was too late. The hype died down after he was relentlessly mocked on Twitter, but it’s still not over.

On Tuesday, YouTube channel DemolitionRanch posted a hilarious video for the “confused” reporter, the Blaze discovered.

“Ryan, just for you, I’ve loaded some of your special rubber bullets into a shotgun shell. We’re going to see how effective they actually are,” the host said.

He shot the earplugs into a Styrofoam lid, and it barely made a dent.

“Whoa. Pretty deadly. I wouldn’t want to get hit with that,” the host joked.


Hannah Bleau


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