Secret Service shuts down journalists filming FLOTUS power walk

Exercise advocate Michelle Obama was sweating it out on Martha’s Vineyard over the weekend, when journalists caught her on camera before being told to shut down filming.

For all her fitness advocacy on behalf of the “Let’s Move!” campaign, you’d think it would be a good idea to show Americans that Obama practices what she preaches. But Secret Service agents asked Vocativ cameramen and a producer to stop filming and let the first lady pass in peace as she finished her power walk.

Vocativ reporters were on the island to film a story about the African-American community when they found themselves surrounded by Secret Service agents, who asked them to stop recording for 15 minutes, according to Vocativ.

Moments later, Obama was spotted speed walking with a barrage of bodyguards in tow.

Since the crew was on a public road, they continued to film, despite the request not to, according to Vocativ, which posted this video:

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Amanda Shea


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