Listen to alleged audio of Michael Brown shooting that raises new questions

An alleged new audio recording of the Michael Brown shooting incident on August 9 has surfaced, fueling a host of new questions.

CNN reported on Tuesday that an unidentified man was chatting in his apartment, via a video service with a friend, and inadvertently recorded the sounds of the bullet firings. His attorney, Lopa Blumenthal, received his permission to turn the tape over to the FBI to help in the investigation, although CNN cannot independently verify its authenticity at this time.

The sequence of at least six shots, followed by a two-second pause, and then four more shots raises intriguing questions, such as: Does it explain or complicate what happened? Why the pause? Whose version of the incident does it support?

“I was very concerned about that pause…it shows a point of contemplation,” Blumenthal told CNN. “And that has a huge relevance on how this case may finally end up.”

On Monday evening’s “Crossfire,” co-host Van Jones commented, “To be fair, there could be other explanations for that pause. Maybe the officer will say, ‘Well, I fired, and he kept advancing, so I fired again.’”

Conflicting accounts of what exactly happened that night have pervaded the airwaves, with Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson’s critical story yet to be made public.

Hollywood will likely have the movie version out before the actual verdict is delivered.

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