Video: No, it’s not a joke, Palestinian launches Rubble Bucket Challenge

A journalist in Gaza who says he’s trying to raise awareness of the plight of the Palestinians hopes a bucket of rubble will do it.

It sounds like one of The Onion‘s funnier setups, but it’s true, according to NBC News.

rubblebucket0825Ayman al Aloul went on camera to explain to viewers that he got the idea from theIce Bucket Challengethat’s been such a roaring success for the ALS Association raising money to fight what is commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

But in the ruins of the Hamas-provoked war in Gaza, he had a couple of problems. First, he didn’t have much water. Then he didn’t have any way to freeze it.

“It came to my mind that it’s good idea to show the whole picture — how Gaza looks now, rubble, destruction, cement with sand, small rocks,” he says in Arabic in a video picked up by NBC News.

Hence, the Rubble Bucket Challenge, which comes complete with its own Facebook page.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – in which potential donors are offered a chance to give money to the cause of ALS research or have a bucket of ice poured on their heads, with the whole thing getting posted to social media – has raised almost $80 million for the ALS Association.

But al Aloul says he just hoping to raise the awareness of the world about Palestinian refugees – maybe with the participation of some of the bold-faced names who take sides with Islamist terrorists over civilized people out of the fashionable chic of ever more fashionable ignorance.

Unfortunately, the kind of self-awareness Palestinians need is in shorter supply than drinkable water on the Gaza strip.

Putting down the buckets and taking sides against thugs who use their own women and children as human shields in the murderous business of killing the other sides’ women and children might go a long way toward getting rid of the rubble.

Check out the YouTube video here.





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