Stolen life-sized Obama statue found with a six pack, and a cigarette, but where did he go?

statueThe mystery of the missing Obama statue has been solved after the life-sized version of the president was found on a park bench with a six pack of adult beverages and a cigarette.

After the statue was stolen from Tiffany Bruce’s front porch of her Pennsylvania home, she panicked “I couldn’t breathe and I had to go to the hospital,” Bruce told local news source WNEP-TV.

Bruce said she saved up $1249 for the prized possession to grace the facade of her Wlikes-Barre home. The Obama-supporting homeowner got festive with her investment, dressing the plaster president up in fun frocks for Halloween and as Santa at Christmas time, WNEP reported.

A week after the statue was snatched it was found hilariously perched on a park bench by a creek near Bruce’s home. The life-like Obama was posed with an empty pack of Twisted Tea bottles and a cigarette in his mouth.

It’s unclear who’s responsible for taking the replica and how it got to the park.




Amanda Shea


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