Conservative watchdog group launches anti-Renner web site in final stretch before election

Trial lawyer Paul Renner has drawn scrutiny over his past contributions to a liberal Democrat and his business dealings, both of which turned up on a website over the weekend.

Fant Brenner 1Conservative Leadership Fund, a conservative watchdog organization, launched the expose website, which uncovered facts about Renner’s record on which the candidate has remained silent, and is promoting the site through a significant online ad buy through Election Day on Tuesday.

Renner faces Jay Fant in the Republican primary to replace term-limited Rep. Daniel Davis in the Jacksonville-area House District 15 race.

The group said Renner was a donor to the campaign of Ari Porth, “one of the most liberal Democrat legislators in Florida history,” not exactly something that would appeal to conservative Republicans.

The site asks several questions of Renner, such as these:

1. Why did you give a personal campaign donation to one of the most liberal Democrats in Florida history?  Will you do it again?

2. Why do you support expanded gambling in Florida and take contributions from gambling interests?

3. Why aren’t you disclosing that your very own law firm represented a bank that was forced into a merger, just like First Guaranty Bank and Trust?

4. Why did your law firm represent an aggressive debt collection company that has over 100 complaints filed against them?

5. Why did your law firm represent a big labor union?  Is there anyone you wouldn’t represent?

The Conservative Leadership Fund said in a statement that it has extended an invitation to Paul Renner to join a press conference call to allow him to address the questions about his record.


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