‘This is awesome’: Comedian offers to fly Westboro freaks first-class to Iraq to protest ISIS

Finally, a Westboro Baptist Church protest everyone can support.

Responding to Westboro’s planned protest of Robin Williams’ funeral, Australian comedian Adam Hills, host of UK television’s “The Last Leg,” offered last week to send the group to Iraq to protest the ISIS terrorists attack on Christians.

“If you really believe in standing up to those threatening the Christian way of life,” Hills said, “how about putting your money where your mouth is, taking a direct flight to Iraq and picketing the people threatening to behead Christians if they don’t convert?”

Hills upped the ante with a pledge.

“I will personally pay for every member of the Westboro Baptist Church to fly to Iraq right now,” he said. “I’ll even fly you first class and pay the carbon offset.”

The far-right, fringe group accepted the offer, tweeting:

Hills, aware that Westboro had accepted, tweeted this response:

Hills’ followers were quick to offer support:

You’re not alone, Kylie. Should make for a good follow-up.

H/T: IJReview

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