Race-obsessed Eric Holder violates Justice Dept. policy with Ferguson investigation

A former federal prosecutor is accusing Attorney General Eric Holder of violating the Justice Department’s own guidelines in his never-ending quest to make racism a one-way street.

Holder’s participation in the investigation into the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., is “based solely on race,” Andrew C. McCarthy, a former U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, wrote in the National Review on Saturday.

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“Why has a federal civil-rights murder investigation arisen out of the tumult in a St. Louis exurb?” McCarthy wrote. “There is only one plausible reason: Eric Holder is guilty of racial profiling.”

Murder, even when committed by a police officer using excessive force, is not a federal crime, but a violation of state law, McCarthy said.

“Only a few categories of murder are within the jurisdiction of federal investigators. In the main, they are far afield from Ferguson: the assassination of a U.S. government official, for instance, or a killing incidental to offenses that have interstate or international repercussions — racketeering, drug-trafficking, and terrorism,” he wrote.

Holder displayed his penchant for unnecessary civil-rights prosecution in the Trayvon Martin shooting, when, McCarty wrote, “Mr. Holder colluded with the notorious Al Sharpton in raising the specter of a federal civil-rights prosecution, pressuring state officials in Florida to file a specious murder indictment. Holder had to have known [that] the evidence of intent to deprive Mr. Martin of his civil rights was non-existent — even weaker than the state’s flimsy murder case.”

Holder’s involvement in the Ferguson shooting is no different, because federal law prohibits criminal investigations based only on race, he said.

“If the Justice Department would not open a civil-rights investigation based on a black police officer’s shooting of a civilian, whatever the victim’s race, then a white officer is just as entitled to that presumption of innocence,” McCarthy wrote.

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“[The Obama administration may have] given the benefit of the doubt to [Syrian president] Assad (the ‘reformer’), Iran (our good faith negotiating partner), Al Sharpton (Holder’s civil-rights adviser), and the IRS (not a ‘smidgeon’ of corruption),” he added. “But not to Darren Wilson. No sooner had the looting followed the shooting than Holder ceremoniously announced a Justice Department civil-rights murder probe.”

The investigation was “based solely on Wilson’s race,” McCarthy pointed out.

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