Michelle Obama’s ban on pink cookies has a heartland town seeing red

Chalk up one more community fed up with Michelle Obama’s food-rule fetish.

Traditional, delicious Elyria pink cookies are on the outs at public schools in Elyria, Ohio, where they’ve been a mainstay of the local school menu for decades.

Photo Credit: Chronicle-Telegram
Photo Credit: Chronicle-Telegram

They’ve satisfied generations of Ohio students and their parents, but they don’t satisfy the first lady’s food restrictions. And when it comes to federal funding, it’s the first lady’s way or no way at all.

As has been widely reported, July was the beginning of new standards for schools that take federal money under the 2010 Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act.  And as has also been widely reported, the fallout has a lot of school districts grumbling.

Elyria is no different.

“I grew up eating them,” Mayor Holly Brinda told Fox News. “They are a comfort food. It’s one of those things that’s special to our community.”

School spokeswoman Amy Higgins said that feeling’s widespread for a snack that’s become a local legend.

“You’d be surprised by how many people are upset about the pink cookie going away,” she said. “Anyone who’s gone to Elyria schools in the last 40 years knows the pink cookie.”

Now Michelle Obama’s signature effort is leaving a bad taste in Elyria’s mouth.

Twitter users, of course, had no use for the rules at all.

Some were bitterly rebellious.

Others looked at the big picture.

But this guy was purely practical.

Why should we crack down on ISIS? The State Department says they’re not at war with us.

Not like Michelle O is at war with cookies.


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