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Judge Jeanine: Obama’s beheading response so ‘weak, wimpy and pathetic it’s embarrassing’

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Judge Jeanine Pirro used her “Opening Statement” Saturday night to destroy President Obama’s insipid response to the savage beheading of American journalist James Foley last week.

And she used the White House’s own images to do it.

jeaninepirro0824newAfter first denouncing a presidential statement so “weak, wimpy and pathetic that it’s embarrassing,”  Pirro backed up he point by showing Obama speaking on camera — without the professionalism or maturity to even wear a tie while addressing his countrymen – and vowing a “relentless” U.S. response to butchery.

“Relentless?” Pirro mocked. “At least for eight minutes until you get back to the golf course.”

The president’s diffidence, his indifference, the downright insulting manner he chose to respond to the latest outrage against an American in Arab hands, on Arabian lands, showed he’s really not interested in doing the job he was elected for, Pirro said.

And the result is to turn one of Obama’s most famous empty phrases on its head.

“You are putting America on the wrong side of history,” Pirro said.

And that’s as damning as it gets.

Check out the statement here.


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