A little girl with a big heart gives an even bigger hand to a wounded Iraq vet

An Iraq war veteran got an unexpected helping hand from an 8-year-old girl, reminding us that America is still a special place to live.


Nick Bailey, who served two tours in Iraq, was badly injured in 2007, when he survived a mortar attack that killed a fellow member of his unit, WCSC News reported Saturday.

Bailey, who served for more than 12 years, suffers from severe spinal pain, post-traumatic stress disorder and permanent mobility issues, the station reported.

The government offered Bailey the aid of a service dog, but the veteran and his wife already had a young German shepherd named Abel. Though he wasn’t trained as a service animal, the pet had a strong bond with the ex-soldier.

When young Rachel Mennett found out from her brother that Bailey was trying to raise $6,000 to train Abel in a program in Myrtle Beach, she immediately went to work selling lemonade, even setting up inside a local pet shop, according to the news station.

Watch WCSC’s report here:

Bailey’s GoFundMe page tells his story in more detail. With the help of his little friend, he’s raised almost $4,000 so far.

Don Noel


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