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A little extreme? National Review editor says Republicans backing amnesty ‘should be shot, hanged’

Photo Source SanDiegoFreePress.org

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While participating in a panel discussion on immigration this week, the editor of National Review said Republicans who claim there are jobs Americans won’t do “should be shot” and “hanged.”

Rich Lowry said the GOP cannot claim to be the party of workers if it supports immigration reform that brings in more low-skilled workers, be it legal or illegal.

“The Republican Party cannot truly be the party of work — and the party of workers — the way it should be, if it’s insistent on importing ever higher levels of low-skilled labor to compete with native and immigrant workers down the income scale who are already here,” he said.

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Taking his rhetoric to the extreme, Lowry shared what he thinks should happen to Republicans who push the myth that there are jobs Americans wont do as a reason to deliver immigration reform.

“The next time I hear a Republican strategist or a Republican politician say there are jobs that Americans won’t do, that person should be shot,” he said. “He should be hanged, he should be wrapped in a carpet and thrown in the Potomac River. You know that’s what they did to Rasputin, I think it was a different river. But let me tell you, it worked.”

Considering the left claims the Republican Party is the party of old, white men, there’s little chance Lowry will be accused of racism for saying they should “be hanged.”

Tom Tillison


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