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‘Wow, that’s one cold bastard’: Why Scarborough thinks it’s strategic for ‘Spock-like’ Obama to go golfing

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MSNBC host Joe Scarborough offered such a preposterous theory on how Islamic State terrorists see President Obama’s single-minded pursuit of golf that even co-host Mika Brzezinski scoffed at the suggestion.

Watch Scarborough’s full remarks here:

With Obama teeing off minutes after speaking to the nation Friday on the beheading of American photojournalist James Foley, Scarborough suggested the president’s all-golf-all-the-time image is actually making the terrorists nervous.

“And so they are negotiating with Spock with a pitching wedge here,” he said, referring to the “Star Trek” character renowned for his lack of emotion. “No, they really are. He is Spock. And I’m sure there may be one or two terrorists over in Syria looking at him, going, ‘Wow, that’s one cold bastard.’”

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The president has been under intense scrutiny since making a beeline to the golf course after promising the nation that he “will be vigilant” in pursuing the terrorists, with even allies saying he appears out of touch.

MSNBC established long ago that it’s in the tank for Obama, but Scarborough was nauseating in his attempt to deflect the scrutiny by implying there is some mesmerizing strategy at play to intimidate the terrorists.

“By the way, people might be watching going, ‘Are you criticizing the president or not?’ I don’t know what I’m doing,” Scarborough said. “I just know that this is how terrorists fund their organization. And if the president were in the White House wringing his hands and weeping and holding press conferences — but no, he’s out golfing!”

obama-scarboroughHe suggested Obama was trying to show the terrorists that he’s not playing their game.

“I’m sure Barack Obama would say that, you know, if we can’t go golfing at an exclusive golf course in Martha’s Vineyard, then the terrorists have already won,” he said. “These are horrible, horrible optics domestically. But internationally, for terrorists, it’s basically like, ‘Screw you. We’re not going to live by your rules.’”

Brzezinski let Scarborough finish laying out his ridiculous theory, before saying, “Oh, right. I don’t think they think that.” 

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