Police dog dies after being left for 6 hours in hot patrol car


A Wyoming police officer is under investigation after his K-9 dog was found dead in his hot patrol car after being left in there for six hours without food, water or ventilation.

The dog, Nyx, who was assigned to Officer Zachary Lee Miller, was left in the back of the patrol car parked behind the Mills police station from 6 a.m. until noon on July 9, according to local NBC affiliate KCWY.

Miller had been training Officer Jake Bigelow the day of the dog’s death and originally blamed Bigelow for not leaving the air conditioning on in the vehicle on the 86-degree day, KCWY reported. Video footage from inside the car showed Nyx had not been attended to once during the entire time he was trapped in the sweltering car with the windows rolled up.

Miller and Bigelow found the dog dead after returning to the vehicle.

Mills Police Chief Bryon Preciado told KCWY that Miller is still employed with the department, but he is on leave for unrelated reasons.

Miller has pleaded not guilty to a misdemeanor charge for not providing the police dog with adequate food, water and protection from the elements, according to the station.

Amanda Shea


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