Chilling ISIS photo, tweet hits Chicago with threat of possible mass terrorist attack

As tensions between the United States and the Islamic State terrorist group escalate, ominous indications suggest the extremists are planning an attack on Chicago.

A recent tweet showing a handwritten note in Arabic in the foreground and the Old Republic Building on Michigan Avenue in the background said, “#AmessagefromISIStoUS we are in your state/we are in your cities/we are in your streets. You are our goals anywhere,” CBS2 reported.

“Many terror organizations refer to Chicago as Obama Town,” added CBS2 security analyst Ross Rice, a former local FBI agent.

Although the syntax seems to indicate the tweet was written by a non-native American, the fact that Chicago is the president’s hometown and the photo included a building called “Old Republic” had chilling implications, according to WGN TV.

The tweet, dated August 20, 2014, appeared along with a string of other highly provocative messages, including a photograph of the black ISIS flag in front of the White House with the caption, “soldiers of the Islamic State of Syria and Iraq will pass from here soon,” and another captioned “we are here #america near our #target:)sooooooon.”

Security officers at the Old Republic building refused to comment when a WGN-TV reporter showed them the photos. So did the police, FBI and Secret Service.

But the government did issue a security bulletin on Friday to all law enforcement officials, although it did not cite any specific target, according to CBS2.

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