Angry activists corner Jesse Jackson at fast food joint, shouting at him to leave town: ‘You’re not even a brother’

Famed self-promoter Jesse Jackson was accosted by black activists outside a fast food restaurant in tension-filled Ferguson, Missouri.

The confrontation would not be pleasant, as the founder of the Rainbow Coalition quickly found out.

“Are you here to support us?” Jackson was asked by an activist who approached his car.

His affirmative response set off the hostility.

“We haven’t seen you marching. We haven’t seen you,” the protester insisted.

As Jackson attempted to answer, he was cut off and asked if he was “going to pay the bond of the brothers’ locked up?”

Attempting to suppress the accusations, Jackson announced he had been with the Brown Family all day, a highly unsatisfactory evasion to the gathering crowd.

Peppered with more questions and sensing the rising anger, Jackson’s driver said, “Wait a minute,” which drew an immediate shout of “Ain’t no wait a minute – this is real!”

By-standers then joined in the fray yelling, “We haven’t seen you marching at all, Jesse. When you gonna stop selling us out? We don’t want you here in St. Louis! You not gonna lead us! As a matter of fact, you’re not even a brother! You can keep on movin’. You can get the brothers out of jail, that’s what you can do.”

Like other outsiders, Jackson proves to be more of the problem than the solution.

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