Wasserman Schultz: Illegal aliens ‘part of the backbone of our economy’

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is now calling illegal aliens “part of the backbone of our economy.”

On Tuesday’s edition of Fusion TV’s “America with Jorge Ramos,” the chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee was asked what Democrats thought about the recent surge in illegal immigrants coming to the United States from Central America.

Democrats welcome immigrants, but the welcome “isn’t about politics at all,” she said.

“It’s not about politics for the president, nor is it about politics for any of us who care about making sure that young people or people in general, who have come to this country simply to make a better way of life for themselves and are of no threat to our country, and actually, essentially have become a part of the backbone of our economy, that we create a pathway to legal status for them, to citizenship,” Wasserman Schultz said.

What a nice message for the 140 million working Americans, that 12 million illegal aliens are outdoing them in propping up the U.S. economy.

In “Are There Really Jobs Americans Won’t Do?” of 2013, the independent Center for Immigration Studies showed that of the 472 civilian occupations in the United States, only six are dominated by immigrants, both legal and illegal, comprising just 1 percent of the workforce.

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Don Noel

Don Noel

A self-described "political enthusiast," Don Noel is a veteran of the local political scene with keen insights to share about the world of politics, government and nonprofits.
Don Noel


31 thoughts on “Wasserman Schultz: Illegal aliens ‘part of the backbone of our economy’

  1. Marilyn Taylor says:

    DWS is a New Yorker & her voting record verifies her absence from reality. Her congressional voting scorecard is a dismal 15%. She obviously does not believe in the Constitution since she votes against it 85% of the time. I don’t see any of the progressives taking in these illegal alien kids and supporting and raising them. They should have ” Adopt-A-Kid” adoptions like they do with the mustangs & burros. Any left-over kids get sent back to their country of origin.

  2. Peter Theodoropoulos says:

    Illegals along with corporations outsourcing jobs is the reason the backbone of our economy is broken.

  3. Steve Craven says:

    Immigration is a bedrock of our country – – The question here is legal vs. illegal method of entrance to the country. If they are here as refugees, that is one question; but most are not – – they are not here to benefit the economy, to enter the workforce, they are being sent here specifically to become additional burdens on the economy. International companies headquartered in the US are struggling to adequately staff from international sources because of the quotas and limits imposed and the delays and restrictions for work status from the Immigration and Naturalization services. But we continue to be asked to stomach a simplified path to citizenship for the illegals. That is where the issue lies (and their lies live).

  4. chronovisor says:

    what blabbermouth doltz meant was they ARE the backbone of the demonrat party….

  5. thewlyno says:

    Jeezuz, she is stupid like a bag or rocks…I hope the beej she gave to get that position was worth it…

  6. thewlyno says:

    “do nothing House of Reps” – yeah, maybe she should talk about the 340+ bipartisan bills sitting on Harry Reid’s desk that we REFUSES to bring to a Senate vote…

    “do nothing House” indeed…

  7. mobilebay says:

    We are no longer a sovereign nation, nor are we a nation of laws as long as our borders are open to anyone who wants to come in. Illegals or terrorists, it makes no difference to this administration nor several previous ones.

  8. DwightMann says:

    “are of no threat to our country”
    Who does she know they are no threat, when she does not even know whom has invaded? Does she think they are on an “honor system” and the “bad” ones will not be part of the invasion?

  9. Abunchofbullshit says:

    I’ve thrown fish back less ugly than her!

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