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War veteran hero in need gets help from an unlikely source

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Sometimes, when all hell is breaking loose around the globe, news breaks that touches the heart.

Such was the case with the story of Taylor Morris, an Afghanistan war veteran and former Navy bomb specialist who lost both legs, his right hand and part of his left arm when he stepped on a bomb in 2012, according to a “Fox & Friends Weekend” Facebook entry posted Sunday.

The war hero was waiting for a flight at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas when he twisted the knee joint on one of his artificial legs, popping it out of place, Taylor told “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday, saying he was unable to fix the problem because he had checked his tools in his baggage.

Morris’ girlfriend went in search of help, and, just in time, word reached airport mechanics Keith Duffner and Gary Bliss.

The photo of what happened next has since gone viral.

10590569_929370983756517_6261390123423171002_nPhoto Credit: Fox & Friends on Facebook

After saluting the veteran amputee, Duffner knelt down and helped Morris remove the crooked knee joint and put it back in place, Morris and Duffner told “Fox & Friends.”

“They didn’t have to do that,” Morris said on the show. “I could’ve made it, but it would’ve been a lot harder. … I’m very, very thankful.”

“Normally we just fix airplanes and don’t interface with passengers. Occasionally we provide tape or glue for an interim repair, or retrieve a lost item that someone has dropped out of reach,” the mechanic wrote on the airport’s Facebook page. ‘What I did wasn’t much, and we all are in his debt to him and his family for sacrificing in service to us.”

Here’s a picture of Morris, who has inspired thousands with his determined recovery:

994933_465541973566978_2789176_nPhoto Credit:  Taylor Morris Community Support on Facebook

Watch the entire interview on Fox & Friends page:

Read more about this amazing hero at www.taylormorris.org.

Don Noel


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