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‘Dead broke’ Bill Clinton enjoying $1,000 cigars — but it’s not the first time

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Apparently, Bill Clinton likes his cigars the same way his likes his politics: high-priced.

grrt-5Photo Credit: successandluxury.com

The former leader of the free world has developed a strong affinity for the costliest brand in the world, according to BloombergTV.

Kaizad Hansotia, owner and CEO of Gurkha Cigar Group, told the online outlet Wednesday that the “world’s most expensive cigar” has some impressive fans: royalty, captains of industry and probably one of the most famous cigar aficionados in the world: the former president.

Appropriately named “His Majesty’s Reserve,” the cigar is manufactured at the company’s factory in the Dominican Republic and costs $25,000 for a single box. That should fit in Clinton’s budget, since he has reportedly made $106 million in speaking fees since he left office.

Not bad for someone whose wife said he was “dead broke” when he left the White House. Maybe the Clintons were broke because of the former president’s expensive taste in cigars.

You’ll recall that independent counsel Ken Starr’s report on the relationship between Clinton and White House intern Monica Lewinsky involved a rather famous episode with a cigar. It turns out it may have been one of those Gurkha reserves.

monica_lewinsky_bill_clintonPhoto Credit: netquake.net

In a 2009 press release, Roy MacLaren, Gurkha’s vice president of sales and marketing, said the company was “pleased to learn” that Clinton was a “huge fan of the Gurkha Grand Reserve Cigar,” according to Politico.com. “In light of the recent announcement about the HBO movie ‘Special Relationship’ featuring Clinton’s personal relationships, Gurkha Cigars is happy to announce that they too are part of oval office history,” MacLaren said.

Watch Hansotia’s interview with BloombergTV here:

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