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Anti-cop mob roughs up peaceful demonstrators; Megyn Kelly calls out left’s hypocrisy on ‘justice’

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The right to protest goes only one way in Missouri these days, and Megyn Kelly is calling out the left’s hypocrisy.

Two people marching with signs supporting the police officer who shot 18-year-old Michael Brown to death Aug. 9 were roughed up Wednesday night by an anti-cop mob that threw bottles and shouted curses, forcing officers to remove them for their own protection.

fergusoncopsupport0821newA video broadcast on “The Kelly File” Wednesday shows shouting demonstrating surrounding the pro-police couple as officers protectively shepherded them to a patrol car on a rainy night in Ferguson.

The messages on their signs demanded fairness for Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson and criticized Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon for his preemptive, blatantly political demand Tuesday night for a “vigorous prosecution” of Wilson before a grand jury could even consider the case.

“Justice for Police Officer Wilson,” one sign said. The other: “Vigorous Prosecution Jay Nixon? Justice is for everybody even PO Wilson.”

In a saner America, the messages are unobjectionable. In the world of progressive protest, this couple had no right to be heard.

On-the-scene Fox reporter Mike Tobin summed up the disgusting scene for Kelly:

“You’re dealing with a mob,” he said.

Check out the video here, via the Gateway Pundit, then check out Kelly’s extended commentary on the blatant double standards at play today.


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