7-year-old makes tough decision, turns in mom for cooking meth

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A seven-year-old Florida boy’s sense of right and wrong led him to make what had to be a heart-rending decision to turn his mom in for cooking “something bad.”

It took several days for the child to work up the nerve to tell the brother of his mother’s boyfriend that his mom was cooking methamphetamine in the trunk of her car, News 13 Orlando reported.

“He came up to me, and he said, ‘There’s really bad stuff in mom’s car that I want to show you,'” said the man identified only as Peter.

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As a result, Briana Buchanan was arrested and charged with child neglect, possession of chemicals, meth and paraphernalia, and manufacturing and delivery of meth, according to News 13.

To make matters worse, the boy was aware of the process of manufacturing meth.

“He said when they would get all this stuff together, they would put it all in a soda bottle, and they would shake the soda bottle and take the top off to, I guess, vent it out,” Peter said.

The child is now with his grandmother, and all the better for it, according to Peter.

“I can already tell you, just looking at his face, he is relieved to be out of the situation,” he said.

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