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Video: Police take live fire from rioters in Ferguson , Journalists run for their lives

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A YouTube video of the standoff between police and rioters in Ferguson showed a stunning scene similar to a war zone in a less civilized country. Sure News posted the clip Wednesday pointing out the impossible position the cops are in.

They are being ripped apart for using protective gear and armed vehicles, yet they are taking live rounds in the middle of dark streets filled with violence.

Sure News writes:

I was going to say how scary it is and how right people are for talking about the militarization of our police forces and how this sort of response seems unnecessary.

Then they started to take actual live fire and they put themselves in harm’s way instead of hunkering down behind that truck or hitting the ground they checked on the civilians and then rushed them out of there. They didn’t light up the night, they didn’t respond with hundreds of rounds, they took cover and acted like police.

Michele Kirk


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