Report: WH knew of recent threat to kill journalist; ‘did it spoil Obama’s concentration while putting?’

The Obama administration knew of the threat to kill American photo-journalist James Foley before he was purportedly beheaded, according to a senior U.S. official.

ABC News reported on Tuesday morning that the White House was aware that ISIS had warned it would take revenge on Foley for Obama’s decision to employ U.S. air power, and that captured American newsman Steven Sotloff was next in line.

While Australian Prime Minister called the barbaric act “sickening and despicable,” and British Prime Minister David Cameron cut short his vacation to convene a cabinet meeting and discuss the global menace of ISIS, the disengaged American commander-in-chief boarded Air Force One on the taxpayers’ dime to return to his golf game at Martha’s Vineyard.

His National Security Council spokesperson did release a statement reading, “If genuine, we are appalled by the brutal murder…yada, yada, yada,” but truly, Obama’s only passion seems reserved strictly for his drives and his putts. The Twittersphere, however, was much more vociferous on the gruesome slaying of an innocent American and the lack of sensitivity displayed by a narcissistic president, as reveals.


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