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Report: Ferguson officer suffered fractured eye socket in scuffle before shooting Brown

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Police Officer Darren Wilson suffered fractures around his eye socket during the scuffle with Michael Brown that preceded Wilson shooting Brown to death in Missouri, a conservative website is reporting.

UPDATE 8/22: In a conflicting report,  CNN said Thursday that sources told them the x-rays didn’t show fractures, but that the officer had severe swelling on his face. Neither of these reports have been confirmed by official statements and the truth may not be known until the legal investigation is completed and information is released to the public.

Photo Credit: KOIN.com

According to the Gateway Pundit, the injuries were confirmed by sources in the St. Louis County prosecuting attorney’s office and the St. Lucie County Police Department.

The extent of Wilson’s injuries could be crucial in a case that relies so far on conflicting eyewitness reports – especially when some of those reports are contradicted by autopsy results.

For instance, witness claims that Brown had been shot in the back were flatly contradicted by autopsy results released Monday that he’d been by six bullets, all in the front of his body or the top of his head.

The details reported by Gateway Pundit are also consistent with initial reports by Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson, who told reporters days after the shooting that Wilson had been hit on the side of the face during the confrontation and that his “face was swollen.”

In Ferguson, meanwhile, at least 47 people were arrested early Wednesday after a peaceful prayer protest descended into demonstrators throwing bottles at police, according to USA Today.


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