Mindblowing! Student arrested for writing about shooting a — dinosaur?

A South Carolina high school student says he was arrested Tuesday — not for using a gun but for writing about it. A teacher had asked Alex […]

The ‘SNL’ skit Obama killed, Hillary’s ‘entitlement’ attitude; new book recounts behind scenes drama

Barack Obama might not be president today if Hillary Clinton hadn’t been so smug seven years ago. That’s one of the more depressing lessons out of a […]

Video: Police take live fire from rioters in Ferguson , Journalists run for their lives

A YouTube video of the standoff between police and rioters in Ferguson showed a stunning scene similar to a war zone in a less civilized country. Sure […]

Facebook posts reveal highly-partisan activist Dem. sat on Grand Jury that indicted Perry

A juror who sat for four months on the grand jury that handed down a two-count indictment of Texas Gov. Rick Perry on Friday, admitted to the […]

Obama goes golfing right after speech about beheading; ‘first mulligan will be dedicated to memory of Foley’

As news was making the rounds Tuesday afternoon that a video had been released by Islamic State militants showing American photojournalist James Foley being beheaded, President Obama was […]

Missouri governor ticks off Megyn Kelly with disgraceful call for cop’s ‘vigorous prosecution’

First a fair trial, then we’ll hang him With a grand jury sitting Wednesday to hear the case of  Darren Wilson, the Missourri police officer who shot […]

Ted Cruz makes the Ice Bucket Challenge a family affair

Ted Cruz joined the ranks of the soaked surrounded by his wife and his giggling little girls.   Post by Ted Cruz.

CNN’s Don Lemon reports National Guard used ‘n-word’ as true story: ‘My producer doesn’t lie’

CNN anchor Don Lemon reported Tuesday that a member of the National Guard on the ground in Ferguson, Mo., used the “n-word.” Lemon insisted on national television […]

Report: WH knew of recent threat to kill journalist; ‘did it spoil Obama’s concentration while putting?’

The Obama administration knew of the threat to kill American photo-journalist James Foley before he was purportedly beheaded, according to a senior U.S. official. ABC News reported […]

George Bush takes Ice Bucket Challenge; chooses most appropriate next target

Getting soaked is all the rage. Former President George W. Bush was challenged by daughter Jenna Bush Hager and others to take part in the ALS Ice Bucket […]

Top black journalist hammers Obama for playing ‘healer-in-chief’ while Holder stokes racial fears

Talk about playing it both ways. President Obama’s decision to send Attorney General Eric Holder to Missouri to try to ease racial tensions is a transparent attempt […]

Murdered journalist James Foley’s mother posts touching message on Facebook

As American officials work to confirm the authenticity of a video showing James Foley being beheaded by the Islamic State militant group, the American photojournalist’s mother released […]